KEHP LivingWell Promise

As a LivingWell health insurance plan holder, you’ll need to complete the WebMD health assessment or get a biometric screening (see note below) between Jan. 1 and July 1.

LivingWell Promise Incentive

Earn up to $480 a year ($40 a month) in premium discounts in 2024 by completing the health assessment or biometric screening by the deadline. This incentive is available only to retirees in the KEHP.

How to take the health assessment

Complete the questionnaire at Registration is required if you have not already created an account. 

How to get a biometric screening

Three options are provided for completing the screening with a health care provider:

  • An onsite screening provided by health departments or WebMD (in areas where health department coverage is unavailable).
  • An office visit with your primary care physician, pharmacy clinic or the Premise Health Clinics. If using one of these options, note that the retiree’s signature is required on the form, and the visit will be subject to office visit fees and copays.
  • Biometric screening
    • Either download the screening form from the WebMD portal or by using this link. The form can be used at a variety of locations. Members must send the completed form to WebMD, and the screening will appear on the WebMD platform within 10 business days.
    • LabCorp also offers biometric screenings. Scheduling begins with the WebMD portal, which redirects the user to the LabCorp site to complete the registration process. When the screening is completed, LabCorp sends the results to WebMD, and the completion will appear on the WebMD platform within 10 business days. 

Keep proof of completion

Keep proof of completion until the completion of the biometric screening or health assessment appears on the WebMD platform. (This can take two weeks.)


For questions or more information, visit or contact WebMD at 866-746-1316 with any questions.

If you have completed your LivingWell Promise, please disregard this.