Death & Beneficiary Benefits for Retired Members

Reporting Deaths

Either your funeral home or relative should notify TRS by telephone or letter soon after your death in order to facilitate the processing of the necessary paperwork. The executor of the estate or your beneficiary will be sent information concerning the benefits available and forms for requesting the life insurance benefit.

Death of a Retired Member

The following is a general description of benefits for members in TRS 1, TRS 2 and TRS 3. For specific details governing survivor benefits see the appropriate Summary Plan Description.

Life Insurance Benefit

You are covered by a life insurance benefit the first day you start work in a TRS-covered position. Coverage continues as long as you remain an active contributing member or are a retiree. A life insurance benefit of $5,000 for retired members is paid either to your estate or designated beneficiary. To designate a beneficiary to receive the life insurance benefit, a TRS Form DB-1 must be completed and returned to the retirement system. This benefit is in addition to any other benefits that may accrue and is comparable to a paid-up life insurance policy. This beneficiary designation may be changed, and it is important to keep this designation current. Failure to do so can result in added cost and stress for loved ones during a very difficult time in their lives.

NOTE: Secondary accounts are not eligible for a life insurance benefit; only the member’s retired account.

If you need to update your beneficiary for your Life Insurance Benefit, please complete the Beneficiary Change Form for Life Insurance (Form DB-1) located on the Forms for Retired Members page.

Beneficiary Benefits
At the time you retired, you selected a plan of payment, also called a retirement option. The option may provide additional benefits for your designated beneficiary(s). Upon your death, the TRS will administer your account according to the specified option.

Refund of Member Contribution
If you returned to work in a TRS covered position after retirement, you established a secondary active account. In the event of your death, either contributions made to this account will be refunded to the designated beneficiary of that account.