Seminars and Webinars

TRS Education Mission Statement

The TRS education program communicates, educates and informs members effectively about each person’s own retirement and health care, the available benefits and how plan changes and options impact those. The program allows educators to be knowledgeable about the retirement system and make informed career decisions.

Getting to Know Your Retirement System

A variety of seminars and webinars tailored to employees of school districts at different points in an educator’s career are offered for members by TRS staff. Seminars and webinars for employees of state agencies and universities also are available. The events take place at various times across the state, but preregistration is required. Descriptions of the various seminars are below. Some seminars are available on TRS’s videos page.

TRS Orientation

Scheduled as requested.

To help educate members about the retirement system, TRS offers TRS Orientation. TRS will come to a district/school and, based on what is requested, provide a 30-minute to one-hour presentation about the system for members at any point in their careers. (Must have at least 25 members in attendance.) Please ask your school or district office to contact TRS at 800-618-1687 for more information on a TRS Orientation presentation.

New Teachers and TRS

To be updated

Scheduled by request as a seminar or webinar.

New Teachers and TRS is an overview of TRS and the retirement security its pension provides for educators. Educators with fewer than five years of service will see how career goals impact retirement, covering areas such as the monthly benefit formula, how to avoid service-credit penalties, active member benefits and the importance of staying informed about retirement. Please ask your school or district office to contact TRS at 800-618-1687 about scheduling a seminar or webinar.

Retiring Sooner or Later

Oct. 26, Bowling Green (Greenwood High School)
Nov. 23, Ashland (Boyd County High School)

Advance registration is required through Pathway at Registration opens two months before event.

A seminar for anyone anywhere on the career spectrum. Session topics include: understanding your defined benefit retirement plan, retirement eligibility, understanding what can impact your retirement benefit, health insurance in retirement and the importance of staying informed about retirement. Sessions are geared toward school district employees (unless specially scheduled and specifically identified as being for university or state agency employees).

TRS On the Road

Nov. 2, Somerset (Pulaski County High School)

Advance registration is required through Pathway at Registration opens two months before event.

TRS On the Road brings an office visit to your town, allowing members who are retiring within three years to sit down with a TRS counselor and receive individual estimates through scheduled 20-minute sessions. TRS will contact registrants with appointment times.


To be announced

TRS is now offering webinars of all seminars. The Retiring Sooner or Later webinar can be tailored to be district, agency or university specific. Webinars can be scheduled at a desired time by request. Districts or organizations can request these webinars by emailing

Turning 65 Seminars

Advance registration required. Members about to turn 65 are contacted by mail. Register using this link for in-person seminars or one of the links immediately below for the online webinars.

Aug. 21 webinar Registration open
Dec. 11 webinar Registration open

A video of the presentation is available on the Turning 65 page.

The Turning 65 Seminars are for members about to turn 65. Many members find turning 65 an overwhelming experience as enrollment in Medicare, the TRS Medicare Eligible Health Plan (MEHP) and Medicare Part D become available. To lessen these concerns, TRS offers a full-blown walkthrough presentation – discussing the TRS retiree’s participation in these programs. These presentations are scheduled at different cities throughout the state.  Because of limited seating at certain locations, registration may be limited to only members turning 65.