Are You Working Past Age 65?

TRS members who still are working at age 65 or over must enroll in Medicare once they retire to be eligible for health insurance through TRS. For enrollment in TRS Medicare Eligible Health Plan (MEHP), proof of Medicare enrollment, both Part A and Part B, is required as of the effective date of your retirement. Either provide a copy of the Medicare card (front only) with a completed MEHP application or provide a copy of the Medicare enrollment confirmation letter from Social Security.

Also, to avoid penalties for not enrolling in Medicare when first eligible, your employer may be required to complete forms before you retire to prove you have had health insurance through your work. Contact your local Social Security office to discuss enrolling in Medicare prior to retirement if you do not already, as an active employee, have Medicare Part A and B.

Medicare forms

To enroll in Medicare, the forms you may be required to submit to Social Security are:

  • Request For Employment Information (CMS-L564) – completed by employer
  • Application For Enrollment in Medicare Part B – Medical Insurance (CMS-40B) – completed by employee/retiree