Annual Trustee Elections … Your Vote Counts!


An Independent Board of Trustees … “the Foundation of Retirement Security”  

TRS’s independent Board of Trustees is charged with defending the retirement security of Kentucky’s teachers. The work of the Board is vitally important to the proper functioning of the retirement system. For more than 70 years, through wars, world-wide economic recessions, natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other travails, the Board has successfully met its obligations to the members and beneficiaries of the retirement system and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Each May, every active and retired member of TRS will have the opportunity to vote for candidates for open positions on the Board.  (Returned ballots must be postmarked by May 31 to be valid — the postage is prepaid.)  The results of the election will be announced by the Board at the June meeting.  TRS encourages members to participate each year in this important election and continue to support the Board’s long history of committed service. Please review the qualifications of each candidate and cast your vote on the ballot for the candidate you feel is best qualified to be an effective trustee.