TRS 4 Member Information

This page contains TRS 4 account information. TRS 4 consists of members who entered TRS on or after Jan. 1, 2022. The Summary Plan Description for TRS 4 is published on the Summary Plan Descriptions page.

TRS 4 Basics

TRS 4 Service Retirement

TRS 4 Retirement Options

TRS 4 Voluntary Contribution Agreement

The Voluntary Contribution Agreement is the form to be completed by the member and the employer and returned to TRS for additional amounts to be contributed by the member toward the supplemental benefit. Voluntary contributions may not exceed earnings on any paycheck from a TRS position. Members who want amounts withheld for voluntary contributions must complete this agreement. Voluntary contributions agreements may be changed over a career by submitting a new agreement. Voluntary contributions are held according to federal tax law in a 403(b) plan. Contributions are limited by law. The limit is on total contributions by or for a member, potentially including contributions made to the 403(b) and other plans outside TRS. The member’s supplemental benefit is credited with interest at a statutory rate annually on June 30 based on supplemental benefit balance on June 30 of the prior year.

The following are videos geared toward new teachers in TRS 4. The first video is for non-university members (typically local school district teachers) and the second is for university members.

TRS 4 New Teachers and TRS — Non-university Members (2023)

TRS 4 New Teachers and TRS — University Members (2023)