Details for Credit Purchases

Purchases are available for those who qualify. With proper documentation, purchase costs are prepared upon your request. Most service purchases are optional. Delaying a purchase may mean a loss in eligibility to make the purchase or increase the cost because of interest that accrues. No service credit shall be granted for service that has been or will be used in qualifying for annuity benefit payments from another retirement system financed in any part by public funds. The interest rate is 8% compounded annually. The ability to make purchases depends on a variety of factors, including employer type and entry date. The ability to use purchases made in the last five years before retirement for an annuity may be limited under state law depending on the account type.

The brochure linked below contains information on each type of credit purchase, general information and information about making payments. Be sure to review all sections that apply.

Credit purchases details brochure 

This is general information. The law prevails in the event of a conflict with this document. Contact TRS prior to making retirement decisions.