Return-to-Work Employer Information

Note: This information is for employers only. If you are a member, please refer to the page on this website that explains return-to-work rules for retirees.

This page contains employer-specific information regarding rules for TRS retirees returning to work with a TRS employer. It should be used in conjunction with the information provided on the page for employees. Return-to-work rules are made up of Kentucky Revised Statutes 161.605 and the Kentucky Administrative Regulations. The law and regulations govern in the event of any unintended conflict between them and the information on these pages and their links. Rules also differ based on when a person retired and for what type of TRS employer the retiree intends to work. See below the video on this page for employer guidance on specific topics.

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Part-time/substitute employment

If a member is returning to part-time or substitute employment, the district/agency does not need to complete any TRS forms other than the reemployment certification.

Full-time/critical shortage employment

If a member is returning to full-time or critical shortage employment, a reemployment certification must be filed, and the district/agency needs to complete the RET-FT form in Pathway. Once approved, the district/agency can begin withholding contributions from the member. When the first payroll including that member is processed, TRS will send a demographic form directly to the member to gather any updates to personal information.

Non-TRS-covered employment

If a member is returning in a non-TRS-covered position, a reemployment certification must be filed, and a Form 30E must be completed by the employer and approved by TRS before the retiree returns to work.

Employer reminders

  • A reemployment certification form is required prior to any TRS retiree’s return to work.
  • KRS 161.605 requires that re-employment of retired TRS members in a full-time teaching or non-teaching position in a local school district or agency shall be permitted only if the employer certifies to TRS that there are no other qualified applicants available to fill the teaching or non-teaching position. The employer may use any source considered reliable including, but not limited to, data provided by the Education Professional Standards Board and the Department of Education to determine whether other qualified applicants are available to fill the position. The superintendent of the school district or agency head must assure TRS that every reasonable effort has been made annually to recruit other qualified applicants for the position.
  • The retiree employment summary (Form 30) must be submitted to TRS by Aug. 1.
  • Questions about return-to-work should be directed to one of the TRS counselors who specialize in return-to-work matters. They can be reached by calling TRS at 800-618-1687 and requesting a return-to-work counselor.