Make Sure You’re Talking to TRS

Don’t be fooled. TRS recently has received communications from members questioning whether financial planning solicitations they have received are from TRS, are from someone working with TRS and whether the communications are scam attempts to obtain confidential personal information.

These third-party solicitations are not from TRS, and nor does TRS offer counseling through third parties.

Good estimates of retirement benefits come from TRS directly and not any third party.

The rules that govern retirements are too complex for accurate estimates to be delivered from anyone other than TRS employees or from TRS Pathway, the member account access site. The best information about TRS benefits for TRS members will come from TRS. Estimates that come from third-party firms have been inaccurate. Worse, it could be a phishing scam to obtain your confidential information.

The preferred method for getting estimates is through Pathway ( Because this is for members only, the estimate calculator will have your actual account information. General information about getting estimates is found on the TRS website at: https:// retirement-estimator/.

(Posted: March 2020)