In-Person Counseling by Appointment

Appointments allow retirement and insurance counselors to prepare and better address active members’ and retirees’ specific questions.

As a reminder, TRS prioritizes retirement benefits counseling appointments during the busiest months (June and July) for members considering a retirement date in the next five years. This is because of the large volume of summer retirements and counseling requests. Also, retiree health insurance questions typically can be answered with a phone call, and retirees with previously scheduled appointments are prioritized.

Active members and retirees can access Pathway at any time. For active members, benefit estimates can be created for any retirement date. And, for retirees, insurance applications can be completed online.

Making an appointment

In-person counseling appointments can be made by calling 800-618-1687.

Video and phone counseling appointments can be made by calling the number or emailing

(Updated April 2024)