How to Sign Up for Pathway

What is Pathway?

Pathway is TRS’s information technology system for members and employers. Pathway supports internet-based transactions between members, employers and TRS and allows members to directly access their retirement accounts. Besides the standard website (, an app for mobile devices is available.

Pathway is designed to be easy to use, accurate and secure. Pathway provides more opportunities to serve TRS members and employers in the most convenient manner.

Members must set up their account in the desktop format before using the app. Links for the app are at the bottom of this page.

Instructions to Register for Pathway

Before you can register, TRS must have a current email address on file. See the forms pages for active or retired members for a change of address form.

  1. Go to Pathway, either by clicking the “Member Login Pathway” mem200x80-PathwayMemLogon the right side of this page or by entering in your browser.
  2. Click Register
  3. Enter your TRS ID and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  4. An email with a one-time password will be sent to your email address that TRS has on file.
  5. Enter that password and click continue.
  6. Select a phrase and image that you will see when you log into Pathway in the future.
  7. Select and answer the security questions.
  8. Click that you agree to the terms of Pathway and then click continue.
  9. Click Change password and enter a new password.
  10. Registration is complete.

What You Can Do in Pathway

What members can do on Pathway depends on whether you’re an active or retired member. Anyone can update or edit personal information and register for seminars and webinars.

Active Members
See account balance
View annual statements
Get benefit estimates and review previous ones
File online retirement applications

Retired Members
Print copies of tax forms
View payment dates and information
Change tax withholding

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