Correction of Errors/Appeals

Correction of Errors

TRS is required by statute to correct any errors that result in any annuitant or beneficiary receiving more or less in benefits than he or she is entitled to receive. In such cases, TRS is required to adjust the payments made to the annuitant or beneficiary so that the annuitant or beneficiary receives only the payment to which he or she is entitled.


If you feel that TRS has denied a valid claim or made an error in computation you should request in writing a reconsideration of the decision. After review, TRS will notify you of the agency’s final decision, subject to administrative appeal.

Any decision by TRS that materially affects the amount of service retirement allowance, the amount of service credit, eligibility for service or disability retirement or eligibility for survivorship benefits may be appealed in writing with the opportunity to request an administrative hearing pursuant to the provisions of KRS 161.250(2) and KRS 13B.