The Benefit Estimator is intended only to provide the member with the basic formula for estimating his or her retirement annuity, not as an assurance of any benefit that the member will eventually receive.  It is for illustrative purposes only.

Retirement decisions should not be based in whole or in part upon the information obtained from using this Benefit Estimator. Benefits generated from this Benefit Estimator will not be used in any manner in calculating your retirement annuity. Official estimates performed by KTRS staff may be obtained by contacting a KTRS counselor during business hours. Official estimates will also include options other than the basic single life annuity estimated below. Official estimates are subject to audit and amendment at any time in accordance with the relevant sections of KRS Chapter 161. The Benefit Estimator does not calculate service credit with another state-administered retirement system.

Minimum Retirement Eilgibility -- 27 years Kentucky service or age 60 with 5 years of service credit. For individuals who became members of KTRS prior to July 1, 2008, the minimum retirement eligibility is 27 years Kentucky service or age 55 with 5 years of service credit.

Benefit Estimator Tips & Techniques

1) Enter numbers without commas or $.

2) TAB key... advances to the next field.

3) SHIFT & TAB... goes to the previous field.

4) General Questions: 800-618-1687

In the area below, provide your highest five (5) years of salary*.  

  *Check here if you will be age 55 or older at retirement and have 27 or more years of Kentucky service. Provide only your three (3) highest years of salary.

 Salary Information

 KTRS Service Credit
Entry Year  

Enter your total number of KTRS years of service credit 

KTRS Service Years Times Service Factor Equals Percent of Salary

 X  % =  %

 X  % =  %

 X  % =  %

(*Input all UNIVERSITY service credit in the University Service input box above)

Is your total service greater than 30 and are any of those years in a non-university position? 

 X  % =  %

(**Only certain types of service is eligible for acheiving and exceeding 30 years for application of the 3.0% service factor.)


 Estimated Annuity

Note:  If you are under age 60 at retirement and you have less than 27 years Kentucky Service, your benefit will be less than the basic annuity estimated below. Please see the KTRS pamphlet for Service Retirement.

Average Salary x Total Percentage = Estimated Annual Annuity.
X  = 

Divide by 12 to get estimated monthly annuity.
$ / 12 = $